You're Invited to Join a C+Suite Mastermind for Kingdom Leadership Growth Among Peer Advisors 

Join our 4-week C+Suite Masterclass "The Authentic You". 

What is the C+Suite Mastermind?

 The Mastermind equips women leaders to lead like Jesus - to boldly serve God's call, share His love, and transform lives at work to expand His Kingdom.

 The Mastermind helps women leaders create work-life balance and confidence to successfully lead and grow their organizations to expand God's Economy.

Who Is C+Suite Mastermind For?

Business Owners  +  Executive Leaders  +  Agency Leaders  +  Board Members  +  YOU

What's the Benefit?

What Will I Gain?
  1. Orient your leadership approach to lead like Jesus.

  2. Affirm your mindset and calling as a Kingdom leader.

  3. Direct your end-game to transform lives and grow the Kingdom on earth.

  4. Build a cohesive leadership team motivated to glorify God and love people. 

  5. Create a Kingdom culture to foster high engagement, low turnover, and expanded business growth.

What Is Offered?
  • One year of monthly peer advisory group meetings.

  • Co-led by a Kingdom business leader and an experienced facilitator/executive coach.¬†

  • Spiritually-based, best practice, business curriculum.

  • Pooled wisdom of the group to guide smart decisions and fruitful business practices.

What is Required?
  • Time:¬†3-4 hours monthly

  • Talent: Your unique perspective will enrich the experience

  • Treasure: $350/month for 12 months

  • Take Action:

  1. Book a free coaching session with Cynthia using the button below.

  2. Determine how this may serve you.

  3. Join a mastermind.

Investing in C+Suite Mastermind is an investment in yourself, your team, and your business to expand God's Kingdom and His Economy by Expanding Your Leadership and Your Business.


‚ÄúI highly recommend CSuite Mastermind to bring women together to learn practical real-world ways to solve problems and to know you are not leading alone. I love that it‚Äôs all Biblically backed with the Word.‚Ä̬†-TH, President, Network S/W
‚ÄúWhat‚Äôs most important to me is that Cynthia and the other business owners supported me in developing my business five or six fold this year. I encourage every woman leader to join the C+Suite Mastermind because there is a lot you can learn to grow your business.‚Ä̬†-YZ, Owner, Engineering Firm
"I enjoy having the mindshare of successful women to grow together spiritually and in our lives and businesses. I joined the C+Suite because I met Cynthia and her vision spoke to me in my soul. The work we're doing will truly impact me, my family, my business, and others for a long time." -RH, Financial Advisor
"I jumped on the opportunity to work on my business skills with other women leaders who are outstanding in their fields. It's been a wonderful experience to expand my business knowledge and I'm so glad I did it." -RB, Residential Realtor


This is Your Invitation to Join!

Join 8-12 other women in a mastermind facilitated by Cynthia Stewart, executive coach, along with a Kingdom business leader. 

If you aspire to grow as a Kingdom leader who transforms lives, let's talk.


Leading Can Lead To Overwhelm When You Go It Alone

Ask yourself:

Who is helping me achieve balance in my work-life?

Where do I turn for wise counsel and advice when faced with challenges?

How am I growing as a Kingdom leader?

Do I have community I can turn to? 

How do I boldly fulfill God's call to advance His Kingdom of love?


C+Suite Mastermind is your answer. 

Join for leadership growth. Join for spiritual growth. Join for business growth. Join for encouraging friendships. Join for YOU.

C+Suite Mastermind Focus

  • You'll be equipped as a Kingdom leader and encouraged by your peers.¬†

  • You'll be guided to¬†align your workplace's vision and values with Kingdom principles, develop a Kingdom culture, and foster a relational style of leadership that leads to high trust and high engagement.¬†

  • We honor God as we help each leader create a Christ-centered culture that has transformative power for you as a leader, your employees, and your organization.

Everything = Included

Your investment includes the following:

  • 12 monthly 3-4 hour meetings with faith-driven women leaders
  • Scripturally grounded business curriculum

  • All materials

  • Beverages, snacks, and lunches

  • Beautiful venue for privacy and fostering focus

Bonuses = Included

  • CliftonStrengths 34 Full Profile ($60 value)
  • Free attendance at monthly C+Suite Gatherings ($300/yr value)
  • C+Suite Coaching Discount ($1200/yr value)
  • 1st 10 Receive Founding Member Price Lock ($600/yr value)
If you aspire to grow as a Kingdom leader who transforms lives, let's talk.

US  +  YOU

As business women of deep faith, we at C+Suite for Women are moved by the Holy Spirit to advance God's Kingdom in the marketplace. 

We know that "where two or three are gathered in Jesus' name, He is there among us."  (Matthew 10:20)

We know that "plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisors, they succeed." (Proverbs 15:22)

We also know that "the purposes, motives, and plans in the human heart and mind are like deep waters, but intelligent counselors will draw them out." (Proverbs 20:4)

That's why we recognize the purpose, power, and potential of peer advisors to help each other grow personally, professionally, and organizationally as Kingdom leaders.

Come join a C+Suite Mastermind.

Kingdom + NOW

If you aspire to grow as a Kingdom leader transforming lives and growing God's Kingdom, join a C+Suite Mastermind.

With church-going on the decline and depression on the rise, leaders are needed to advance God's Kingdom by helping employees experience the love of Christ - at work.

We offer Mastermind groups for women to strengthen and grow their Kingdom leadership in their workplaces.

Book a no-obligation, free consultation with Cynthia today to explore how C+Suite may serve you.

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