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If you aspire to grow as a Kingdom leader who transforms lives, join us at our C+Suite Gatherings!

US  +  YOU

As business women of deep faith, we at C+Suite For Women are moved by the Holy Spirit to advance God's Kingdom in the marketplace to transform lives. 

We know that "where two or three are gathered in Jesus' name, He is there among us."  (Matthew 10:20)

We know that "plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisors, they succeed." (Proverbs 15:22)

We also know that "the purposes, motives, and plans in the human heart and mind are like deep waters, but intelligent counselors will draw them out." (Proverbs 20:4)

That's why we recognize the purpose, power, and potential of peers to help each other grow personally, professionally, and organizationally as Kingdom leaders.

Come join us at C+Suite For Women Gatherings. 

Kingdom + NOW

If you aspire to grow as a Kingdom leader transforming lives and growing God's Kingdom, join us at C+Suite For Women.

With church-going on the decline and depression on the rise, leaders are needed to advance God's Kingdom by helping employees experience the love of Christ - at work.

We offer Breakfast Gatherings, Mastermind Groups, and Leadership Coaching to strengthen and grow our Kingdom leadership in our workplaces and grow our businesses.

Start your journey with us at the C+Suite Gatherings.

The Vision + God

C+Suite For Women grew from a vision given to Cynthia by God to grow Kingdom Leaders to advance His Kingdom in the marketplace.

As C+Suite For Women creator, content developer, facilitator, executive coach, and spiritual advisor, she draws on her deep and abiding faith in God, her long experience coaching and advising top leaders in for-profits and non-profits, along with 24 years leading in all aspects of business for a Fortune 500.

C+Suite Founder

Cynthia Stewart, MBA, Owner, EverMore Services, LLC

Coaching, advising, and inspiring women to fulfill their role as Kingdom leaders expanding God's Kingdom in the marketplace to transform lives. Connect with Cynthia.

C+Suite Board

Tamra Bird, Owner, Stroll Magazine

Promoting targeted marketing campaigns for business owners whose ideal customers are affluent home owners. Connect with Tamra.

Lisa Chandler, Owner, The GEM

Offering a high quality place and top notch space with fair pricing to create memorable occasions for family, civic, and business groups. Connect with Lisa.

Shannon Girkin, Owner, Tulsa Event Staffing

Setting the standard for hospitality. Providing service staff and licensed & insured bartenders for all occasions. Connect with Shannon.

Gloria Gonzalez, Sales Rep, EBM Medical

Offering medically prescribed food supplements to heal numerous health conditions naturally. Connect with Gloria.

Christel Horton, Agent, ECCE Travel Experiences

Independent agent turning dreams into reality, and removing hassles of endless choices in limited time. Connect with Christel.

Jenette McEntire, Founding ED, Masterwork Faith & Fine Arts Academy

We cultivate in children a love for Jesus through mastery in the arts. This 5-day after school program is tuition free and serves elementary children in North Tulsa. Connect with Jenette.

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